Our Company


yFabric has been in the white linen industry for the past 15 years. Our experience in the production part, lead us to a creative idea, based on the fact that each person is unique and that respectively his or her needs are unique. Up until now, shopping for new bed sheets or pillow cases led to an endless search and in a standardized and often boring result. That’s where myFabric comes in. Make it personal! If you believe that myFabric is another website where you can buy ready-made, standardized and boring bed sheets, you can’t be more wrong. MyFabric gives you the freedom to be creative and make your very own bed sheets, by choosing among happy and trendy colors, that suit you the best! Our hands at work! All of our products are not only unique but also handmade. We strongly believe that in order to create a unique and personal product, it has to be handmade. That is the value that myFabric guarantees. Our trained personnel in Greece along with our partners from all over the world, are here for you! Sleep tight! We all know how important sleep is to our lives. In order to sleep tight, one must be sure about the quality of its bed sheets and fabric used in them. myFabric uses 100% cotton fabric with 100% ecological colors in all of our products. So just before you go to sleep, go ahead and make your very own “myFabric” combination!